So you're interested in hypnotherapy...

You are not alone. Hypnosis is a beautifully empowering way to access your deeper powers of mind and heart, and use them for your benefit.

If you’ve been looking at my site, and you resonate with what you’ve seen, you might like to explore working with me. There's some information below for you about how I work.

Hypnotherapy sessions

I finds that clients get the best results through a series of focused sessions. We address your issue from multiple angles, giving it whatever depth and attention it needs, and allowing your new way of being to become firmly established at the subconscious level.

Because I find this way of working gets the best results for my clients, I organize my work into packages.

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3-4 hypnotherapy sessions

Some issues can be resolved in a few sessions. Examples of this could be:

  • a single traumatic incident that is affecting you negatively
  • preparing for an event (like an interview, a surgery, an exam)
  • a series of past life regressions or higher self integrations

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6-10 hypnotherapy sessions, supplemented by self-hypnosis recordings

Many issues fall into this category. Your issue could be be emotional, behavioral, health related, psychological, or spiritual. Or perhaps you'd like to expand into more of what you sense is possible for you to be and do.

The Healing package allows us to:

  • go deep and wide with one issue
  • identify underlying causes, and deal with blocks and obstacles
  • engage both the subconscious and the superconscious minds in the desired transformation

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A package designed for you

After a Focus or Healing package, you may find that you want more. An Alchemy package is tailored to give you the specific support you need. This often includes accessing the wisdom and resources of your superconscious mind.

Examples could be:

  • a series of followup sessions to support you in an ongoing process of change
  • soul-directed hypnotherapy sessions, guided by your higher mind
  • another sequence of sessions that is just right for you

In our consultation,
we'll talk about the package that will serve you best.

Your initial consultation is free.

Daniela Manucci

I have struggled most of my adult life with not being able to trust people, especially with the level of emotional betrayal I suffered as a child. At the time I met Lia, I knew I needed to put my energy and time into healing the pieces of my childhood that were devastating my ability to function in everyday life and in my business.

What can I say about this person, this amazing hypnotherapist who helped me to so deeply turn my inner world around?

Calling Lia a hypnotherapist is almost reductive, because her talent, her perceptive nature in knowing where to go with me in sessions, her love, her compassion and her skill set is way above the norm of many of the people I have worked with on my healing journey. I felt held and understood even when I shared some of the most painful and horrific feelings and experiences that I lived through growing up.

Lia taught me how to engage a loving adult aspect of myself in order to nurture and heal the wounded part of me, and she helped me carry that level of patience, caring, deep acceptance and compassion into my work with my own clients as well. Now I, too, can be that mirror of their own deep self-worth.

I am extremely lucky to have had Lia’s guidance, deep caring and expertise on my journey.

Daniela Mannucci

Clinical hypnotherapist

Your mind is powerful.

Your mind creates your experience.

Your mind is constantly creating your experiences, your feelings, and your thoughts. It motivates your actions which creates your results. Much of this activity of mind is happening at an unconscious level, outside your conscious mind's control.

Are you unhappy with what your deeper mind has been creating for you?

Let's work together and harness your inner power to get you the healing and resolution you want, and the positive results you are longing for.

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